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Amazon Vendor Central Services

As the world’s leading global e-commerce marketplace, Amazon offers tremendous opportunities for businesses of all sizes. However, it can be challenging to reap all the benefits of Amazon without some help from experts.


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Master Amazon Vendor Central and Beat the Competition

Our Amazon Vendor Central experts have been working with Amazon since its inception. This gives us tremendous insight into how to optimize your Amazon Vendor sales and take your marketing results to the next level.

Should You Become an Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central Brand?

Many merchants aren’t sure whether they’re better served by Amazon Seller Center or Amazon Vendor Central. From a general overview, Seller Central brands have to do more work themselves but do get the benefit of live Amazon customer support and robust, real-time analytics.

In contrast, Vendor Central merchants receive less detailed information about the sales of their products but are unencumbered by day-to-day dealings with Amazon customers. Plus, Vendor Central brands can sell more products faster.

Key Takeaway: The customer experience is virtually the same whether you’re an Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central merchant. The biggest difference is that if you qualify to become an Amazon Vendor Central merchant, you could improve your sales volume. After all, your items will be sold by Amazon (not just fulfilled by the company). Therefore, it’s in Amazon’s best interest to market your products!

Simplifying the Amazon Vendor Central Experience

Becoming an Amazon Vendor Central seller can expand your company’s reach and allow you to achieve your boldest revenue goals. However, selling on the Vendor Central platform has some common hurdles that make it challenging:

  • Invite-only entry: Amazon is shrewd when it comes to allowing merchants to join Vendor Central. Typically, only brands with existing Amazon sales between $5 million and $10 million receive invitations to come aboard. (We can help you seek an invitation!)
  • Price point issues: Amazon expects you to set a price for each product, and the price can very rarely be changed. This means you have to agree to price points carefully based on internal and outside data. (We can help you pick a price you won’t regret!)
  • Limited support: Vendor Central sellers engage with Amazon mainly through automated systems. They get little human-to-human support. (It’s OK! We can help you figure things out!)

As you can see, we know how to overcome any initial Amazon Vendor Central hiccups. With our Amazon Vendor Central experts by your side, you can move quickly toward winning on Amazon!

Get the Most Value Out of Selling on Amazon

It’s time to ramp up your Amazon sales. Let Intero’s Amazon Vendor Central experts show you the best possible way for your products to get noticed. This could be the year you become a top seller on the planet’s largest online marketplace! Contact us today to learn more about our Amazon Vendor Central services and solutions!

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